Cool weed grinders: 14 unique and novelty options

A weed grinder is an essential tool to make sure you unlock the full potential of your weed. Grinding releases the terpene aromas of the buds to get you in the mood for a bowl. A nice consistent grind creates maximum surface area on your weed which makes for a smoother smoke, less waste and more potency. There are lots of high quality grinders available, but in this list we're concentrating on cool weed grinders that are more unusual and have a novelty factor. There's something here for everyone whether you're looking for a stealthy option or just want a crazy weed grinder to stand out from the crowd.

Death Star Grinder

Death star grinder

If you've never watched the original Star Wars trilogy while smoking a bowl, you're missing out. This 3 piece death star grinder connects together with magnets and comes with a bonus kief scraper.

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Pokemon Pokeball Grinder

pokeball grinder

This stealthy 3 part Pokeball grinder is the perfect gift for a Pokemon fan and even comes with a nice looking gift box. The ball is held together with magnets and it's solidly built from aluminum.

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Battery Grinder

battery grinder

The 4 piece Durasell grinder is designed for stealth and features a hilariously bad attempt to avoid copyright infringement. It's solidly build and although slightly bigger than a real battery will pass casual scrutiny unnoticed.

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Skull with Crown Grinder

skull grinder

This skull and crown grinder comes in three colors and looks cool until you notice the stupid looking sticker on the top of the head. Once you've removed that you have a solid grinder and a nice conversation piece.

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Revolver Cylinder Grinder

bullet grinder

If guns are your thing then this nice looking 3 piece revolver cylinder grinder could be an entertaining option. Unfortunately the bullets don't come out so it's useless for playing Russian roulette bong pulling games.

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Colorful Zinc Grinder

colorful zinc grinder

This mind-bending 4 piece grinder comes in several different sizes and might be top of our list of cool weed grinders. Smoke a bowl and then enjoy watching how the colors shift around.

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Wrist Watch Grinder

watch grinder

This stealthy 3 piece watch grinder looks like it came straight from Q branch. A few people have complained that it's very small but since you can actually wear the watch that should be fairly obvious...

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Aluminum Maze Grinder

maze grinder

This nicely designed 4 piece maze grinder comes in several colors and includes a fun built-in sobriety test. This is also one of our favorites on our list of cool weed grinders.

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Spend On Weed Grinder

spend on weed grinder

Hopefully you're growing your own weed instead of spending your bucks on it! This 4 piece grinder is a popular choice and has a quality build. Keep in mind that it's smaller than it looks in all the pictures.

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Poker Chip Grinder

poker chip grinder

This 3 piece metal poker chip grinder comes in a choice of green, black and red and does a pretty good job of looking like a stack of poker chips. The black $100 version is the coolest but you don't get a choice when you order.

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Lightning Grinder

lightning grinder

The aluminum 4 piece lightning grinder claims to have a 'premium grip pattern' to prevent hand cramps. Despite this marketing BS it's a quality build and works really well. Also available in blue and green and all the colors look great.

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Sexy Leaf Grinder

sexy leaf grinder

This option would make the perfect gift for someone who likes both nice asses and smoking weed. As a bonus you can have a name engraved on the top to make sure everyone knows who owns that ass.

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Light Up LED Grinder

LED grinder

We almost didn't include this one on our list of cool weed grinders but it's actually really well built and the right person will love the novelty LEDs. It's built from aircraft grade aluminum and includes batteries to power the LEDs.

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Silver Dollar Grinder

silver dollar grinder

This 3 piece grinder looks like a small stack of silver dollars and is roughly the diameter of an actual Eisenhower silver dollar so it has a stealthy vibe. It's made from metal and is a quality unit.

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