How to Get Higher on Weed: 9 Tips and Tricks

how to get higher on weed

Smoking weed is awesome for many different reasons. It can make social situations more fun, show you a familiar experience in a totally new way, excite you, relax you or make all your aches and pains vanish. Sometimes though, you just want to blaze and get as flat out stoned as you possibly can. Never fear, Skunkology is here to show you how to get higher on weed with these 9 tips and tricks.

How high can you get from weed?

Before we dive into how to get higher on weed, it’s useful to understand if there is a maximum on how high you can actually get! The simple answer is yes, and it all comes down to how much THC you can deliver to your bloodstream.

When you smoke or eat weed, THC is absorbed into the bloodstream via the blood vessels that line your stomach and the walls of your lungs. Once the THC is in your bloodstream it flows through your blood vessels, crosses the blood-brain barrier and binds to the cannabinoid receptors in your brain (and the rest of your body) to make you high.

Research suggests that you’ll have a maximum amount of THC in your bloodstream about 8 minutes after you smash that bong or finish your joint. If you smoke more over a short period of time, your blood levels of THC will be higher and you’ll get more stoned but only up to a certain point. In a short amount of time, your cannabinoid receptors become fully saturated with THC, the THC in your blood stream begins to get stored in your fat cells for slow release over time and the THC begins to break down into other smaller molecules (metabolites).

You can go to a seriously dark place if you smoke too much weed, particularly if you’re new to smoking, but it’s pretty much impossible to overdose yourself and cause long term harm. At maximum THC saturation levels, you’re probably either going to go to sleep or get seriously anxious and paranoid depending on your tolerance and the strain of weed you’re smoking. Feeling nauseous and riding the porcelain bus is also a pretty likely scenario.

If you smoke more will it last longer?

As we’ve discussed, when your bloodstream contains a certain amount of THC your body begins to store the excess THC in your fat cells (including fat cells in the brain). This means that if you smoke more, you will technically stay stoned longer because the stored THC will be slowly released from your fat cells over time. And yes, the fatter you are the more THC your body will store for later release.

However, don’t get too excited and reach for the cookie dough to put on some pounds and stay high for longer. When the THC is re-released from your fats cells, it doesn’t deliver the same type of high as when you originally smoked the weed. You’ll experience it as more of a mellow, chilled out feeling for the next couple of days. Some people describe this feeling as a weed hangover, but that all depends on your point of view.

How to get the highest off your weed

1. Choose a weed strain high in THC

To learn how to get higher on weed this is the best place to start. The THC concentration in different strains of weed varies enormously. For example, some strains have almost no THC and are used primarily as medical marijuana to treat diseases including anxiety and depression. The examples listed below have massive levels of THC and are some of the most powerful weed strains in the world. If you want to get as high as possible give some of these a go but proceed with caution!

Emperor Cookie Dough

emperor cookie dough

  • THC level: 41%
  • Strain composition: 22% Sativa, 78% Indica

Emperor cookie dough made high times magazines 2016 list of the worlds strongest strains. The incredible euphoria can quickly turn to anxiety for the unwary and the high levels of indica mean full on couch lock sedation.

Blue Bull

blue bull

  • THC level: 37%
  • Strain composition: 70% Sativa, 30% Indica

This one hitter is ridiculously powerful and the frantic energy it delivers to your brain thanks to the dominance of sativa can be too much for those prone to anxiety or paranoia.

Darkside OG

darkside OG

  • THC level: 34%
  • Strain composition: 30% Sativa, 70% Indica

Darkside OG comes on more slowly but don’t be fooled, this is some seriously powerful weed and the intense indica body high will quickly turn into 15 hours of sleep if you smoke too much.

Moon Cookies

moon cookies

  • THC level: 34%
  • Strain composition: 30% Sativa, 70% Indica

Moon cookies is also an indica dominant strain that will put you down hard if you’re not used to this much THC.

Blissful Wizard

blissful wizard

  • THC level: 34%
  • Strain composition: 50% Sativa, 50% Indica

Blissful wizard is a popular strain to make into hash thanks to it’s power. The even blend of indica and sativa makes for a powerful high that’s not too sedative.

2. Grind your weed properly

Properly grinding is key to maximizing the potency of your weed. A small, even grind means than your weed has maximum surface area to burn and vaporize so you get more stoned. Grinders are cheap and you’ll thank yourself for taking the time.

3. Take a break from smoking

This may not be a popular choice, but if you want to experience how to get higher on weed, taking a week off might be just what you need. As you smoke more over a long period of time your body builds up tolerance and you feel the effects less and less. Studies have shown that frequent smokers have 20% less availability of the CB1 receptor that binds THC in the body and brain. Abstinence could help you rediscover a powerful high.

4. Keep your buds fresh

Understanding how to get higher on weed not only applies to smoking, but also to how you store your weed. THC will oxidize over several years and lose potency. The only way around this is to smoke it more quickly. When weed dries out it doesn’t lose potency but it tastes harsh and makes it unpleasant to smoke so you inhale less deeply. Store your weed in sealed glass jars to keep it as fresh as possible. Another tip is to store the jars in a dark cupboard or cover them with black paper or tape to keep out the light.

5. Drink some booze


There is evidence that you can carry higher levels of THC in your bloodstream when it contains alcohol. Giving out advice on how to get higher on weed by combining it with another drug is a bit sketchy so please take it easy trying this technique. Having said that, we love a couple of beers with a joint so this advice is good news.

6. Smoke in a new situation or a different time of day

The effects of weed on your body and mind can be very subjective and individual. This is obvious when you consider that 2 people who smoke the same amount of the same weed can have a very different experience. Try smoking in a new location, time of day or with new people and you might find that you get way more stoned from familiar weed.

7. Eat your weed instead of smoking it


When you munch edibles, the THC you absorb through your stomach is processed by your liver and converted into a different form (11-OH-THC) that delivers a much stronger high. The release of THC into your bloodstream also happens over a much longer time compared to smoking weed, making for a longer high.

The main problem with edibles is the difficulty in finding the right dose. It can take several hours to figure out you’ve eaten too much and by that stage it’s way too late and you’re in the fetal position waiting for it to all be over.

8. Inhale more deeply

We initially thought readers might be insulted to be told how to get higher on weed by inhaling more. However, after some research it appears it’s not as obvious as you might think especially for new smokers. Many people hold back when they inhale, which gets less smoke into your lungs and leaves you a lot less high.

You also want to avoid the ‘top shelf’ where you half-ass the inhale and get the smoke caught half way down your wind pipe. This leads to an embarrassing coughing fit every time.

9. Exercise (if you’re overweight)

A study has shown that when weed smokers exercised, they released the THC stored in their fat cells and had an average of 15% more THC in their blood immediately after the exercise. The increase in THC was related to the amount of body fat the participants had and very slim people showed no increase.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 9 tips and tricks on how to get higher on weed. Getting more stoned is always a good thing but always know your limits and be responsible. We hate the idea of someone giving themselves a massive anxiety and paranoia attack because they pushed their limits too far.


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