These 13 Video Tutorials Will Help Beginners Grow Better Weed

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We’ve compiled this list of videos to help beginners master some of the skills required to grow weed. If you’re thinking about attempting your first grow, hopefully they’ll give you a visual sense of some of the steps involved to understand if you might enjoy it. Some of the videos have been around for years and others are more recent, but we learned something useful from all of them and hopefully you will too! 

The list is divided up into sections so you can skip to topics you’re interested in. Do you know any other informative videos that will help beginner growers? Let us know!

Germinating and planting seeds

Germinating and panting your weed seeds is where it all begins! There are several reliable techniques for germinating seeds and everyone has their favorite.

Planting seeds – Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes features a few times on this list of videos, and for good reason – he’s a master grower and literally wrote the book on cultivating cannabis. In this video he steps through the exact process he uses to plant germinated seeds into pots.

Starting from seed – John Berfelo

This isn’t the most highly produced video and there’s a bit of shaky cam going on, but John does a good job of talking through the entire process of seed germination and planting.

How to germinate cannabis seeds in water – Grow420Guide

This video is a nice demonstration of how to germinate weed seeds using a glass of water and a paper towel.

Cloning weed plants

If you’re lucky enough to have access to weed clones, they’re a great way to grow because you can guarantee female plants and you know that your mature plant will be identical to the plant your clone was taken from. If you have a favorite plant, taking cutting from it and growing clones can guarantee you an endless supply of awesome weed.

Cloning tutorial – School of Hard Nugs

This video is very nicely produced and will walk you through the entire process of cloning your favorite weed plant into rockwool cubes.

Taking clones (2 parts) – Jorge Cervantes

This is another great video from Jorge and will teach you everything you need to know to successfully clone weed. His demonstration of how to cut and prepare the end of the cutting is great.

Nutrients & pH

Plant nutrition is a complex topic and every grower seems to have their favorite techniques, recipes and ‘secret’ nutrient formulas that will grow the biggest buds. For beginners, if you buy a quality nutrient kit and follow the feeding schedule you’ll get it right every time.

The Best Cannabis Nutrient Feeding Schedule – It’s Chronic

This guy goes uses the General Hydroponics Flora series nutrients (which we highly recommend) but abandons the feeding schedule in favor of his own recipe. We haven’t tested it but it looks like it might work well and he does a good job of breaking it all down week by week. Let us know if you give it a try!

How To Mix a 3-Part Hydroponics Nutrient Solution – Everest Fernandez

This is a pretty simple video that shows how to mix the General Hydroponics flora series 3 part nutrient kit. Even though it might all seem obvious, Everest explains the process simply and clearly for raw beginners and gives a few good tips and tricks.

How to manage pH when growing cannabis – Nebula Haze from Grow Weed Easy

This video from Nebula Haze at Grow Weed Easy is a great explanation of how to test the pH of your nutrient solution before you feed it to your plants.


Humidity – Growing Marijuana

This is a nice video from Growing Marijuana that will teach you everything you need to know about the science of how and why humidity affects your plants. The different humidity requirements of the indica and sativa strains are also discussed.

Soil and soil amendments

Mixing soil – Jorge Cervantes

In this video, Jorge will walk you through some of the different soil mixes and amendments he adds to make sure his soil is well aerated to support good draining. We’ve reviewed many of the soil mixes he uses in the video so check out our article on the best soil for growing weed if you’d like to know more. We’ve also included a pretty comprehensive list of the various soil amendments and their uses.

Watering your plants

How to water seedlings days 1 to 16 (2 parts) – Grow Pot Cheaply

We actually find it pretty difficult to find simple and clear information on how and when to water your weed plants, especially when they’re young and delicate in the seedling stage. This video does a nice of job of stepping you through the nutrient and watering schedule for the first 2 weeks until your plants hit the vegetative stage.

Harvesting your weed plants

After all your hard work, knowing when and how to harvest your plants to get maximum yield is extremely important!

How to Harvest your Cannabis (the whole process) – Pigeons 420

Pigeon 420 always features a massive bong rip at the start of his videos but he knows his stuff and we like his style. This is a really good video that walks you through the whole process of harvesting your weed.

Drying and curing your plants

In our final section, we take a look at videos that will help you correctly dry and cure your plants. Properly drying and curing your weed after you’ve spent so much effort growing is important to prevent mold, improve flavor and reduce the harshness of the smoke.

Drying Big Buds – Jorge Cervantes

Jorge makes his case in this video for wet trimming your buds before drying to save yourself work and speed up drying time. The bud he pulls out of his pocket is thing to behold!

When is your Cannabis Dry Enough to Cure – Pigeons 420

In this video, Pigeons420 gives a nice explanation of how to figure out when you buds are dry enough to put in jars and start the curing process.



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